Protective sense of human-beings naturally help observe others’ action whether it is hostile or not. A person, who is suspicious of persecutory actions from others around him for some or no reason due to excessive protective sense, is said to be jealous. When this sense goes even further, it becomes a disease. In medicine, it’s called paranoia. This is one type of schizophrenia. Paranoia leads one to reach quick conclusion about why a bad thing has happened to him, accuse the suspect easily and overlook one’s easy conclusion. This disease is common in any society. Personal analysis is much better and healthier and therefore less prone to this disease while paranoia at the level of society is more common as it is more prone. Psychologists say that this has to do with the fact that individuals are directly responsible for consequences of his action while no one is held responsible for actions of society as a whole. Society is much more susceptible to paranoia and is easy to escalate it once infected. In other words, society holds much stronger conviction in order to find the person guilty of causing bad things got them.

It’s very common for social paranoia to be directed towards people with different nationality, religion and beliefs, and different social strata. Its symptoms manifest in accusation and suspicion. Victims of social paranoia tend to be accused of having supernatural power and association with witches, and of plotting evil conspiracy. This delusion about one’s enemies that are thought of having carried out well-planned activities to cause harm to individuals, social groups and nationals, is known as “conspiracy theory”. Individuals and some social groups that are specialized in formulating conspiracy theory to play with the public mind have been in existence in human history. The most well documented conspiracy theory directed against certain people in history is the one against Jews. Its origin is ancient. Conspiracy theory that Bubonic Plague comes from the Jews was very common in Europe in the middle centuries. This theory has its many versions that give detailed account on how Jews were planning on destroying the entire population in Europe by spreading this plague. The current advanced technology discovered and proved that Bubonic Plague’s virus comes from rats and the cause of infection spread was expanded trade between the West and East. However, people were fully convinced about the conspiracy theory about Jews.

Although today’s societies have evolved to a level that it is no longer believe in such explanation, they still are paranoid that the Jews will conspire anyhow. One clear example of this is Nicolas Hagger’s book called “Sundicate”, which is soon going to be printed in Mongolian language. According to him, the world is controlled by Jewish conspiracy. He tells that wars, conflicts, terrorist attacks and economic crisis around the globe are premeditated. The special group that steers the destiny of the world has a global network that covers the whole globe. Haggetr defends his argument very well by giving detailed account of major phenomena that happened in the world for the last two centuries and linking them together. It’s very interesting book and easy to get convinced. His readers get furious when they find out how their life is being driven by strangers and how sad their destiny is in that it is determined by strangers that they never know. Karl Marx is one of the people, who defined conspiracy theory very well. He firmly believed from young age that all mishaps happening to humans are caused by capital and capitalists. Marx spent his life to prove his conspiracy theory, his own belief. He did a tremendous analysis on capitalist society in order to prove his Chapter 23 of his book Capital. He went deep into many document and materials in order to interpret the unintentional as intentional, uncommon as common and mishaps as conspiracy. For example, invention of train is was a major revolution in transportation industry and resulted in accelerated progress of the society and yet according to Marx, invention of train intends to kill more and more people as he proves it documents on train accidents. In fact, he collected all bad documents available-documents that are true. Although it was normal for people oppose and destroy new machines and technology and law enforcing bodies take action to appropriate actions, he explained it, suing statistical data, as if it was fight of working class against the rich. Although he did an excellent analysis within internal mechanisms of capitalist society, he only used it to condemn capitalism and tried to prove that end of capitalism was coming.

Propagators during communism esp. in Soviet Union, China, Cuba and Eastern Germany were leading authors of conspiracy theories. One real example of this is that they easily found who was guilty of HIV emergence. It was proved later that they managed to publish an article in a small Indian newspaper called Republic, which claimed that HIV virus was developed in a US lab experiment. Then, they talked about this article within the socialist countries as if the article was true and was acknowledged. Soon after, an Eastern German biologist declared that it was proved scientifically. Then, Russian and other Soviet scientists proved that it’s scientifically true. They also claimed that the US and other capitalist countries are threat to the existence of human being and the cause of it has to do with the nature of capitalism.

The world’s second biggest economy, Soviet Union, collapsed and Russia is left poor. Someone needs to be blamed for this. If you watch Russian television programs, you might know Michael Leontov, who hosts an analytical program called “Odnako”. The main theme of this program with the highest rating among viewers in Russia is about efforts of Western countries, esp. the US to destroy Russia. This is an example of how social paranoia is spread. He does not speak stupid things. His talks are backed up by documents and evidences that are inter-linked and make historical sense. However, his bottom line is that US is exploiting Russia’s natural resources to destroy Russia. Nikolai Starikov is an analytic who is gaining a lot of fame in Russia. Of course, it’s useless to praise communism anymore. It’s more convincing to talk about a conspiracy to destroy Russia. In a book called, “Who’s financing Russia’s collapse”, the people who started to theoretically destabilize are Dobrovolski, Gertsen, Chernishevsky and Chaadaev. These people used to compare Russia’s rudimentary governance to Western countries and criticize Russia and thus were said to be British and French spies. The book, “Who helped the Red win civil war?” proves that American and Brits led the October revolution in order to, of course, destroy Russia. In fact, Bolsheviks were financed by Germans as clear evidence shows. Who would have thought that evidence on America’s protection of Murmansk Arkhangelsk would lead to accusation that Ango-Saxons the October revolution? Starikov even assumes, in his book “Hitler: British Spy”, that Brits initially put Hitler in power with the intention to attack Russia in 1941. One can be infected with paranoia. The main thing is that he infects the entire society with paranoia. Tragically, now weak Russians like such answer so much that they as a society get protective. Only paranoia of such scale leads to crisis, war and catastrophe on global scale. Germans fully convinced by Hitler’s conspiracy theory about Jews lost sanity and almost destroyed the world.

After WWII, IMF and World Bank were established in order to keep the world economy stable, thereby preventing war and crises. This was a wise decisions made after witnessing how in today’s integrated world, a blast somewhere lays down the basis for crisis, which could result in a regional or global crisis or war. However, there are many evidence-based books that say, these organizations were established for rich countries to deprive poor countries and are serving this purpose well. Although such “revelations” do not have much impact on sophisticated countries, its impact on less sophisticated countries prone to conspiracy theories can be so far-reaching that it creates so much suspicion and mess. There are many underdeveloped countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa that collapsed as a result of policies based on this conspiracy theory. Public policies of underdeveloped countries depend on individuals rather than institution and therefore full collapse is possible if conspiracy theory is worshipped. Recently a scandalous book called “How is crisis created?” has been published. According to this book, the crisis was created by American Federal Reserve in order to make enormous profits from it. America prints 100 dollar bills at the cost of 20 cents and buys world’s wealth. In other words, America does not do anything but prints money to buy the world. John Perkin’s paranoia-book “Economic hit man” is gaining so much fame in Russia that it has become textbook at universities. This book has recently been published into Mongolian language in no consent of the author’s copyrights and is becoming very popular. This conspiracy theory book intends to reveal how the US destroys Panama and Venezuela. According to this conspiracy theory, there are institutions, a group of nation states and one of their representatives, an honest man, suddenly got back his sense and confessed the truth although should there be any problems for Panama and Venezuela, they are only supposed to be because of Noriega and Hugo Chavez respectively. This book is, of course, equipped with documents, numbers and evidences. This is the only way for conspiracy theory to reach to the public. The conspiracy theorists, however, need to put these here and there and do it like magicians when drawing a convincing conclusion as in the case of Marx. Conspiracy theory is, first of all, used in politics. It’s used by a group of state leaders to keep their power in the state while it is also flourished by those who are forgotten, ignored by the public and lost their power with the intention to gain state power again. Mao, Lenin, Mussolini and Hitler all got hold of state power thanks to conspiracy theory. The state leaders of today’s poor nations are in power time after time by spreading conspiracy theories one after another. These leaders talk about conspiracy theory on threats until they state power and once they are in power, they bring catastrophe themselves.

Human society is difficult to be influenced by a control system. In democratic, free society in particular, society is too complicated and does not get organized according to any plan. In any society, there are good and bad people, conspirators, evils and saints and ordinary people. This is what our human society is rich in. It’s easy to impact human brains with conspiracy theories that interpret every mistakes, mishaps and accidents as intentional, premeditated conspiracy and evil action. Only those, who realizes this human weakness spends his time developing conspiracy theory and delude the public in their interest. They intend to cause scandal and want to be seen as smart. It’s impossible for conspiracy theory to exist in today’s global, open world with 7 billion members. Conspiracy theory is just an easy tool applied to social strata that lacks sophistication by some people with certain goals. Conspiracy theory was probably created at the same time when humans were created and it continues to develop and become convincing. However, its ultimate goal stays the same……