Folks at MIAT had a mutiny. As a result of swift measures taken by the party and the government the mutiny has been shut down. It is said that a huge loss has been incurred. The people (of Mongolia) were shocked with disgust.  All superiors and their entourages have been completely changed. A time of peace and tranquility has come. At this summer season start and tourists’ numbers increase, there is a lot to do at MIAT. Indeed like transporting without a break its people.

It has been discovered that only for technical staff of the airplanes, a job of 30 people is actually done by 120. It is said that their salary is five times more than the President’s. It is said that they don’t care about  total lack of following safety regulations.  It is said that children without any profession are being had piloting planes. I am thunderstruck and hair on my head is standing up.  Don’t even think about flying with MIAT. Indeed it is going be disaster. It is said that there is one thing called “C” examination. Very valuable examination, it is said that the plane that satisfies this examination becomes guaranteed to fly 5 years. It is said that plane’s bolts and screws are kept in a freezer and parts for which safekeeping conditions have been breached, are  thrown straight away as garbage. As for oil, it is said that it is a special product that does not freeze at any temperature. It is said that our miraculous engineers that complain that they have saved the country huge money have satisfied this examination for few bucks and made immeasurable service to the nation.  However, as I have heard ( and I wish it would be a lie, it could be indeed talk to badmouth each other, in that case, my apologies), it is said that this savings are that screws and bolts are shaped manually here in similar fashion and the oil is substituted by indeed almost animal grease oil.

In any case, can you imagine that this scandal is just a head of a furuncle of a hidden festered disease inside.  Few years ago, MIAT was turned over to Irish for some time by management contract. The strange things showed up. When many families that reside abroad as MIAT’s representatives were moved back home and local chaps  were hired and had worked , actually savings of half million dollars were made. Not only the local people don’t demand cars and transportation, families and residences, it is said they were getting the job done. No one from them would disappear saying that superiors came from Mongolia and following them, no one would celebrate Uncle Friday’s birthday,  no one would come to work drunk, would not steal from official money, no one would transport their private cargo – in a word ,besides saving 500 million dollars  it was starting giving many benefits. Then, mutiny, as usual, broke out at MIAT.  It had a slogan of not letting these no good Irish desecrate pure holy Mongolian sky with blue seal.  Paid and ordered programs and article covered Mongolian information media sources. The campaign to chase them off jointly has intensified. While seeing the balance sheet of MIAT it was for the first time in its history started working with profit.  However, indeed, because of a reason of closing doors for employee theft.

The mutiny finished successfully and the Europeans were gone.  Herds of MIAT employees went back to Beijing, Berlin, Moscow and Seoul. That person’s daughter, this person’s son, that person’s older brother/sister, this person’s younger brother/sister.  Their main job actually is guiding one’s older sister to hospitals and shopping when she comes. Really, what else can these sorry beings do who cannot drive, don’t speak languages and don’t know the computer.  There is a hotel built by MIAT near Enkh taivan (Peace) Bridge.  Indeed it was dealt back and forth few times and then it was made a killing selling it.  Please go and check out a multi-million dollars resort built in a  Buyan Ukhaa area. The only relief is that state money does not say – it hurts! However, all these are just what are visible to the eye. Indeed , the top of the iceberg above the sea. Although many foreign companies express interest in flying to Mongolia they are not accepted. The reason being that ticket prices will go down, so there will be less to steal. Companies such as Asiana, JAL were crushed and submitted not one time to the defense of Mongolian patriots who were greedy of their blue sky.

The state and the government have taken a great measures and tamed MIAT. My congratulations. However, how long the procedures and regimen to be established as a result of emergency measures will last? How long will the employee and workers will endure not being allowed to steal? The point is that this is, indeed, a state’s property.  The point is that this is a thing where anybody who likes it can become a boss after dropping few patriotic slogans from one’s mouth and when it comes to responsibility, it can be escaped with just saying great emotional words of concern for work and blaming oneself with again patriotic overtone. At while ago, a caricature was really famous saying “ Let’s keep on riding  while there is state property to ride”. I remember it was a picture all bones horse from socialist collective farm being ridden by a whole dozen riders. Come to think, whaddya expect, why did we get such a profession, why did we get jobs there in the first place?

If the crisis displayed by MIAT mutiny is only a head of a furuncle MIAT’s festered disease, then MIAT as a whole is just a pimple visible to a plain eye of a true hidden face of Mongolian state owned socialist enterprises.  So what, MIAT is sold forcibly ten gram plastic spoons for the price of golden spoons of same weight. Indeed in Erdenet , an iron crusher with a weight of a ton is bought forcibly with price of a golden ball of the same weight.  Can you imagine that a head locomotive that was indeed thrown away as old garbage in Russia was re-painted and fixed and sold forcibly to the railways for several million dollars. I know for sure of a duo that bought and sold exactly like that and now sit back to back in Parliament. Their patriotic talk is echoing every evening from TV. Bless my motherland whose milk is plentiful and that does not get less ample despite being milked over and over.  A while ago, one conman who got money saying he will supply the power plant equipment announced so called press conference at his home and was dropping “ I am gladly announcing my decision not to pay the money I took to supply the plant with equipment because Ard Bank did not accept my request to borrow money.” This is just outright con in the open. Whatever is hidden, is beyond the visible. This outrageous conman did well if he conned one millionth of money that disappeared from the power plant.

Once upon time, there was this hotshot businessman. He had everything, in countryside and abroad, plant, factory, bank, mine, school, printing factory, you name it he, got it. Himself he was almost a sovereign country. One time he got introduced with a warehouse at one of his plants. Huge ware house is filled up the roof with goods and materials. At the entrance sweets are dumped.

- What’s with the sweets?


-Who bought it?

Actually, it is Khandaa who bought a ton of sweets and put them here.

-    Go and bring over Khandaa.

-    It is been long since she quit and gone.

The ware house is just filled with garbage that nobody needs. The people responsible for it after doing forced buying actually quit their jobs.  When the price is seen, these sweets came to the warehouse at the price several times more expensive then the market price. The famous businessman is desperate:

-    We actually became like state owned enterprise!

MIAT that got emergency announced is not going to straighten itself actually.  The problem is not in a character of specific individual, this is a not a matter of one or two corrupted ones.  The system is like that. The point is that problems are, as a saying goes, all state’s. It is a said that a state is bad manager. This is overstatement. For god sake, what kind of manager is state at all, state is just really a master registering empty accounts of whatever left without a master. Whatever is liked can be done there. If everybody can agree, everything can be taken and carried back home. We are powerful when we are in agreement!  All disputes that emerge on the state property appear only because of disagreement between parties involved. It is ratting on one another because while everyone is taking as much one can bear, you took seven and I took only seven. Instead of doing so, why don’t you all, just simple and plain, divide it. Once in a while there are bunch of scandals, hey, state property got stolen, and media arguments start flying. Really, it is just a buried grudge that you guys are grabbing it there among yourselves while we are left with nothing, there is no such fool in Mongolia that is hurt that state is losing so much.

State got too much property, no connection whatsoever of this property with state’s executive power is fundamental malfunction of this system.  When privatization is announced, if one cannot take oneself, one would not give to another, since everybody thinks  that instead of giving to another, it is better rot, breakdown and get destroyed, that why privatization is not going to work. No need to hope for Anti-Corruptions Agency, only, who know maybe we can try our luck establishing anti-Anti-Corruptions agency. Hence, the only thing if not to fix  this malfunctioning then at least to reduce it , is openness and transparency. Let’s remember, there was this official announcement in the paper in table format. “ Governor of that province changed his transportation by budget fuding. Land 80 with 150 thousand km mileage is bought for 75 million MNT. Supplier is Aj Bogd company.” Then the ones who know, start controversies around. Such as that the owner of Aj Bogd Company is governor’s wife’s younger sister/brother and so on. So bunch of ratting will start flowing briskly. The superior himself’s face if it is  going turn red , at least his dark brown face will turn rose color at least. He might even deposit half of the money back to the fund.  If Erdenet’s all procurement’s amount of goods and  products, price, which contractors, by whose signature the transaction has occurred, if all this published officially, there will be such scandal, boy.  Because people will start disputing, since this company is supplying by this price, how come I did not get a piece of this good thing. It is said that it makes sense to make laws following this true quality of  people. In a word, citizens will become able to supervise themselves state property , which, in the final end, it is indeed their own, the citizens’ property, actually.

Even though men can be wrong, fundamentally it is a mechanism that wrong.  There is one such example even though it is not outright stealing . It is making money racketeering using a pretext a meaningless law. Summer time is coming now, tourist season is up. World soccer championship is about to start. Along with that, a campaign has started to rake in restaurants. It is said that doors must be closed after sundown. There is such law, a bunch of sadists who cannot do it themselves, came up with it. Really, any cop knows that murders and violence do not occur in restaurants. All crimes are committed in apartment entrances, homes, in city outskirt districts that cops are afraid to go to, in dark streets, the cheap poor hotels. As sun goes down and restaurants close, the youth have no choice but go to these nests of crime . The lawmakers exactly at this time get their satisfaction and relief. The law implementers too at this time feed till getting full. Along with that, the volunteers come in as reinforcement to find some food. Now everyone knows reporters, programs and information media sources who report every night on restaurants that don’t close by schedule time and racketeer them.  From the surface, sorry beings that are so pre-occupied with law implementation. Indeed, nervously putting in front of nation’s attention a couple  who decided as a last measure to take hotel room because they have many infant children. Now, since world cup is starting, boy, the reporters will feed well. I feel like beating them up if I were to come across while they are fooling around like that. The problem is that not people are committing crimes, but that it is indeed law makers, law implementers and their reinforcement volunteer racketeers that are pushing normally acting people into crime. You satisfaction seekers, soccer is really not a thing that one watches in discipline alone at home with TV volume low. This thing is watched shouting, making noise, whistling, drinking beer and getting excited, you perverts who get satisfaction from prohibiting people for doing so!!!!

(comments by translator are in footnotes)