MPRP folks just had the party conference. It’s a preface to soon to take place party congress and means actually reigning in leash for folks mostly of in-between age who kept showing up all over the place, shouted their lungs out and throwing out some wash water. Elections is coming up, it is time to hustle. Indeed, what can I say, it is a party with iron discipline that never spills over no matter how much it  boils over. It is an almost a reflex for MPRP to tighten up its MPs before the elections. On one occasion, before 2004 elections poor Oyukhorol[1] was expelled out the part for tearing down statue of a father-in-law of a party’s chairman. It is a lesson for others to learn. Moreover, a movement was going on to establish solidarity agreement with the party chairman before the elections. Actually, it is a blackmail under the name of solidarity. Can one imagine how many thousands of state officials have established solidarity agreements and left their signatures?
 Yet, stabbing each other as elections approach is DP’s chronic illness. As they say, once you throw a stone between bulls who are throng together to clash, they start to charge. As soon as DP folks and factions throng together, a stone thrown from someplace lands among them. So, gloves are off and fight till the end is on. It’s turned into habit already, it is almost some kind of Naadam spectacle of national variety.
 In elections of 1990 a result of five new parties running each on their own, MPRP took almost 90 per cent of 430 seats of People’s Great Khural.[2] Bunch of chiefs of collective farms. Well, in any case, god bless their souls, they convened for 76 days and got Mongolia new Constitution. In 1992 Social Democrats ran on their own and grabbed two seats, other parties united and got 4 seats among them. Having learned the mistake, opposition four parties united and got 50 seats in 1996.  But, it was all not peace and quiet, bunch of fellows ran on their own doing so called restoration and killed tons of seats. It is estimated that seven seats were lost because of them. If there were 57 seats, democrats would not have gotten into opposition’s mouth and lose all the power.
 Elections of 2000 were total disaster. Almost over 800 candidates of over twenty big and small parties fought it out on wide plains of Mongolia. Civil Courage party split from Democratic Party and ran on their own in the elections.  Main campaigning of so called Mongolian democratic party headed by Erdene[3] was painting black Mongolian national democratic party that it itself split from. Come to think of it, I guess it was a casserole cooked by the commies[4]. As a result, Prime Minister Narantsatsralt got only seat in his native district and that was it. Yet MPRP, which got 72 seats in the Parliament, actually got 50,2 per cent of total votes . What can do you, when the other fifty per cent is split in fifty pieces.
 On auspicious day of December 6, 2000 two main opposition parties, Mongolian National Democratic Party and Mongolian Socialist Democratic Party have united and established Democratic Party. We got it, now we realize, let’s quit doing this stupid split-up business. We are powerful when united. Bit and pieces that split from Mongolian National Democratic Party have come back, and joined up healing wounds of break-up and separation. Now, finally, we are talking business.
 As it turns out, not quite so. Rule of Enkhbayar[5] lasted four years. Freedom of press was crushed, economic growth deteriorated, suspicions abounded, discrimination and persecution based on political views became widespread, 15 thousand state servants were thrown out to the street because of membership in or support for Democratic Party. Yet, DP, in any case, a party with seats in Parliament, in any case, an official opposition, did not care about it. The reason – it was busy waging internal civil war. The only thing talked was change of party chairman. The chairman was Dorligjav[6], the pretender Enkhsaikhan.[7] I was so fed up with it. Then a big guy Erdene showed up following Enkhsaikah, flexible as nails. And mostly drunk. Would bully others that he would stab and pierce. Who knows when he would put a shank made of what nail clipper between my ribs, so I started staying away and running away from him, finally stopped going to party headquarters building altogether. What the heck, it’s not like I am die of starvation.
 Elections of 2004 went on, with flights, wounds and scars. It’s like this time it is together Erel’s party[8]. It is heard that Civil Courage Party is being dumped and that Civil courage folks have moved all to Erel. The talk is something like Altan gadas[9] is dumped. In any case, these elections were won, that’s a fact. Yet, indeed, DP folks were ripped off big time.  Commies just dished it out bluntly that they will not accept results of the elections. Our folks, in hopes of making to some kind of seat, started chasing line after Enkhbayar. So, Coalition Government was established. Enkhsaikhan’s faction hated this Coalition. Subsequently, the Government was forced to resign. In return, Enkhbold[10] ‘s Government was formed and DP announced itself an opposition.  Yet a group of democrats have established suddenly in the Parliament different parties and pushed their way into free space. What a shame, in fact, it would overstatement to say that they should be ashamed. I think I am not going to die of starvation, I am going to stay away from stuff like that. And even if I were starving to death, it would be still far more better that making shameless mess like this without. These guys are not blinking an eye and have the nerve to crap talk about people’s benefit, national development and stuff like that. Well, anyway, the guys did make out pretty decent for themselves, got buildings by whole subdivisions.
 2008 elections came up. DP’s fist fights started again. So called Civil Movements Party was born. Before the elections, Party Chairman Elbegdorj proposed to nominate Batzandan and Magnai in the city and Ichinnorov, who turned into commie now , in Khovd[11]. Yet not only they refused but they left, spitting on the offer. Within their election campaign to shame both two parties the focus was to defamate DP from which they have split. Well, it appears that election ended up is much controversy, fire, weapons and human lives lost.  Still, regardless of results of the elections, Coalition Government was established. It is explained that that was in order to resolve pressing issues before nation that because of not being resolved for so long became chronic. Indeed, it feels to me that it is no doubt correct solution in the meaning of being answer to lesson of two parties of tying up and not letting each other step forward and hurt the country in the process. Oyutolgoi has been put into the production. Economy has strongly rebounded. Today every day 15 million dollars is being invested into Oyutolgoi per single day. Results are clearly visible and are starting to be felt across distinctively. Tavantolgoi issue has managed in one form or another but still managed to pass through Parliament stall. In this way, talk that Coalition Government has no benefits is, to put it mildly, a rubbish.
  Yet with 2012 in sight, the chronic illness has started relapsing. Dear leaders, it was said that 2012 is the end of the world, have you thought about that? Well, don’t know about the world, but what will happen to the party? A bunch of fellas have already started to organize mutiny to pounce on everything that has been created productively despite arguments and squabbles in past two years. So called regional forum of DP went on all over the country in duplicated manner. Talk about two DP bulls getting ready for charge each other. The talk is that golden carpet is to be changed into diamond one. [12] Apparently, it is a progress and guarantee of the development of the country. Yes, and also, a small guy with grand ambitions is to kick back on the carpet. But, mind you, it is an inevitable step for the better of the people and future of the country, so they say. What can I say, our partly folks get quiet down when only they are left with nothing and kick plastic bottles on the street. In last local elections the only district where election victory was achieved was Khan-Uul. Two years there has been non-stop mutiny. DP folks together with commies have started disturbances among people and now are in line with before court holding snitching papers.  If commies will take Khan Uul, boy, they will be relieved. So, who actually throws a stone of discord among bulls throng together to charge? As for bull, indeed it is still a cow, after all.
 I am a DP member. I vote for this party and will vote in the future. Yet I try to stay away as much as possible from party work. Because party committees at provincial, soum, district, capital level are private property of some small barons. Those small barons don’t even want to involve DP members on various works. Just a few of them work day and night for all the people as true patriots and make decisions by themselves.  If I say something, perhaps they might stab a shank in my ribs. There are so many DP members who think this way. What to tell one’s heart, only voting is left.  Yet, we , as people who got their own jobs and businesses, in anycase we take care of ourselves without stealing and we will not fight for food with these hungry ones. So, that’s how it goes.  So what, since it is chronic illness anyway, the bulls are to keep on colliding. So when the day after the election is lost ,the lost one will come back with sharpened horns, what are we going to do, eh?
September 13,2010