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Pm campaigns west promoting great productive development of industrialization based on mining,  firmly supports “open, transparent and just” foreign investment for “major development”,increases his stature as strong political leader
 Nso stats for first 7 months of 2010: gdp growth 5%, exports up 66.8%, coal production up 83%, crude production up 65%, inflation 9.8% yoy
 Commodity markets overview: exports rebound 68.8% closer to pre-crisis levels amounting to 1.66 billion USD, imports rebound 55 % to 1.8 billion USD compared with same period of 2009, total trade turnover by 61.3% to 3.47 billion USD
 Composition of export: exports of Tier 1 commodities duo of copper concentrate and coal of continue dominate the exports with 54.3%, coal is catching up with copper  with difference of only 2.1% or 40 million USD
 Main commodities export data for first seven and a half months of  2010
  Tier 1 commodities: copper relatively stable, coal has a record robust run, is to catch up with copper
 Tier 2 commodities: iron ore is having record robust run within the group
Imports data
And finally, Frontier Securities highlights and analysis of the first seven and a half months  of 2010!
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