The same day State Head Ts. Elbegdorj required that representatives of the State Great Khural met withprotestors, advisors to the President visited members of the Civil Movement on a hunger strike on Ulaanbaatar’s Sukhbaatar square.

Ch. Sosormaa, an advisor to the State Head on Human Rights and Public Participation Policy, and advisor on Public Relations A. Ganbaatar met with the hunger strikers to inquire about their health conditions, see how their human rights were respected, and discuss ways of resolving the issues through negotiations.

The move was welcomed by the protesters who thanked Ts. Elbegdorj for sending his advisors and hoped that, as a symbol of National Unity, the President will come to play a significant role in resolving the issues at the origin of the strike.

Meanwhile, Head of the Standing committee on justice B. Bat-Erdene and other MPs also received protesters on Monday.

In an answer to the protesters’ request, MP B. Bat-Erdene said Parliament will not accept the demand to carry out a public poll on the nation’s trust in the State Great Khural and its dissolution as he believes problems should be solved through negotiations instead of what some call a hunger strike ‘blackmail’.

Meanwhile, the head of the Standing committee on environment, food and agriculture Batbayar said he does not consider a public poll to be  a decisive step to tackle the problems,  saying a public poll “might cause instability and raise a complicated situation in political life, or defame the state reputation.”

But the hunger strikers maintained their right to demand a public poll, adding the hunger strike would stop if it were to take place. Nonetheless, they also underlined the possibility to resolve the situation through negotiation.