Fur sprouted from every seam, wisps of it adorning even the jewelry at John Galliano's nomadic fall-winter 2010-11 ready-to-wear show on Sunday.

The collection's layered looks — which heaped vests in goat hair over oversized sweaters, on top of drop-crotched harem pants — looked ready to take on the icy winds of the Mongolian steppe or the highlands of Tibet.

Each look was so elaborate, with so much going on, that it was impossible to take it all in.

Greatcoats had sculptural skirts that held their bulbous shapes and were embellished with fancy ethnic motif embroidery. The harem pants, in flower prints, were swaddled in scarves and low-slung leather belts. The shoes were trekking boots fitted with an ultra-practical spike heel.

Fur was everywhere, in patchwork paneling on the coats, dangling from the jackets' sleeves and peeking out of the seams on the evening gowns in Galliano's hallmark bias cut silk. Even the oversized metal disk earrings, bangles and necklaces sprouted long locks of the stuff.

The models' hair was a feat of engineering. Lacquered into thick black ribbons, it was worked into sculptural, gravity-defying loops atop the models' heads. The silver confetti that shot out of little geysers along the catwalk stuck to their 'dos like snow.

The show ended literally with a bang, as giant sparklers erupted when the ever-theatrical Galliano — decked out in a sort of kimono with a sleeping bag strapped to his back — took to the runway for his trademark puff-chested bow.

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